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Non-Religious Naming Ceremonies

What is it?

“We know we want to do something to celebrate our baby’s arrival, but we’re not religious so a christening wouldn’t feel right.”

I hear this a lot and this is exactly where naming ceremonies come in.

The arrival of a child is a truly life-changing event.  For many of us a religious service isn’t appropriate but it is still important to bring our friends and family together to mark such a special occasion.

A non-religious (humanist) naming ceremony gives you the opportunity to reflect and acknowledge the joy, wonder and responsibility of bringing a child into the world in a way that is not religious.

These are happy, personal and relaxed occasions, they can be held anywhere a family may choose, not in a church or any building if you don't want to, but in a location that means something to you.

Naming ceremonies are relatively new and increasingly popular. They are organised for the many parents who know that they want to mark their child’s arrival but who want to do it in a way that isn’t religious.

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Naming ceremonies are child-centred and inclusive and often held at the start of a celebratory party, giving a real sense of purpose to the gathering.

They are held by all sorts of people who want to mark the arrival of their child, but also want their child to be able to decide for themselves, as they get older, what they do or don’t believe about religion.

And since a naming ceremony is just a ceremony, they can be held wherever suits you best: a village hall, in hotels, at home, in the garden, at the park, perhaps even at the zoo.


Inclusive Ceremonies

A family Event

A typical naming ceremony might include readings or poems, parental promises to their child, the appointment of ‘guideparents’ and perhaps a symbolic action such as planting a tree, signing a certificate or writing in a wish book.

There’s no set script for a naming ceremony – it’s too personal an occasion for that.

Instead, every naming is tailored to meet the particular family’s requirements. I will guide you through the process.

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"To give something a name is to give it power. When that something is a child, it gives them life, love, meaning, EVERYTHING."

Steve King


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I not only plan events for my clients, but hopefully form long-lasting, professional relationships with them. Each client is unique and special, and that’s why I make sure their events will be just as special as they are.

I am a Certified Celebrant based in Melbourne. I see in my clients a personal need to celebrate a new addition to their family, be it a birth, or a joining of two families into one without the heavy dogma of religion.

I help them fill that need. 

I believe in grabbing hold of and celebrating life in all its natural beauty, NOW. 

Steve King